Deluxe Tī Leaf Tropical Haku Lei


Popular with halau hula (hula schools) for performances, this traditional haku lei is made with a mix of fresh Hawaiian greenery including various types of fern, Hala, and green tī leaves.

This haku is made to wear on the head and comes untied with braided or woven twine at the back to tie for a perfect fit.  It is slightly larger than that of the Tī Leaf Haku Lei.

Exact greenery used will vary depending on what we have available. Natural blemishes on the leaves may be present.

**One week advance notice is required.**


Check your delivery date availability.


Additional Product Information


Materials Used: Natural base, mix of fresh foliage
Hawaiian Name: Haku
A mix of fresh foliage is used to create this beautiful and Haku Lei.


Width: 7 inches in diameter.
Length: 25 inches


Durability: Fairly durable.
Instructions: Sprinkle with water and refrigerate in bag or container.


In contemporary Hawaiian society, the term “haku” is associated with a lei worn on the head. However, traditionally, “haku” simply refers to the method of making a lei with a base material, such as a tī leaf, or tree bark, and braiding it while adding flowers, leaves, or ferns. This is a traditional Hawaiian style of lei making that was common in old Hawaii. The contemporary haku head lei is quite popular in the Islands for weddings, graduations, and any special occasion.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.47500 lbs
Dimensions25.0 × 7.0 × 3.0 in

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