Kukui Nut Leis & Shell Leis

Enjoy the Everlasting Beauty of Kukui Nut and Shell Necklaces

Kukui nut leis have become popular all across the country. They are gorgeous every day necklaces that look timeless. Need leis for a big event?  Order 10 or more of our traditional Kukui Nut Lei and get up to 40% off.  Or get a dozen Shell Leis for one low price. Choose a special traditional fresh kukui nut lei design, a stunning display of Hawaiian tradition, like our Deluxe Kukui with Kukunaokala Twist, a strikingly masculine lei combining two favorite fresh leis entwined together.  Or give a lei that lasts forever – our Kukui Nut and Shell Lei, made with polished black kukui nuts and beautiful cowry shells, a staff favorite.

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