Tī Leaf Lei


Simple and long-lasting, this open-ended tī leaf lei is often given for good luck. The ancient Hawaiians believed that the Tī plant possessed healing powers and offered protection against evil. Tī leaves are carefully braided to create a remarkably sturdy lei.

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Tī Leaf Lei Process: Ti leaves are frozen or baked to create pliability for our lei making process. This preparation darkens the color of the ti leaf a bit and also preserves the strength and integrity of the leaf, ensuring it will hold up beautifully when worn.


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Shape: Flat
Materials Used: Tī Leaf
Hawaiian Name: Kī
Scientific Name: Cordyline terminalis
Leaves are braided together to create this handsome open-ended Tī Leaf Lei.


Width: 1 inch in diameter.
Length: Hangs about 4 feet from top to bottom.


Durability: Very durable and long-lasting.
Instructions: Refrigerate in bag or container.


The tī plant was brought to Hawaii prior to 1778 by the early Polynesians from Tangaroa, Tane, Tī and Rongo. Hawaiian Kī was considered sacred to the Hawaiian god, Lono, and to the goddess of the hula, Laka. It symbolized high rank and divine power. The leaves were used by the kahuna priests in ancient rituals as protection from evil spirits.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.212 lbs
Dimensions24 × 1 × 1 in

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