Cigar & Kukunaokalā Twist Lei


A uniquely Hawaiian combination of the traditional Cigar Lei and the Kukunaokala twisted together to create one handsome lei.

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Shape: Round
Materials Used: Cigar Flower
Hawaiian Name: Pua Kika
Scientific Name: Cuphea ignea
Around 2,000 tiny orange-red tubular blossoms are used to create the Cigar Flower Lei


Width: 2 inches in diameter.
Length: Hangs about 18 inches from neck when worn (40 inches long before being tied).


Durability: Very durable and long-lasting
Instructions: Sprinkle with water and refrigerate in bag or container.


The Cigar Plant is named as such due to its yellow, orange, or red tubular shaped flowers with white and violet tips, resembling a lit cigar. Although native to Mexico and Jamaica, the cigar flower is widely cultivated in Hawaii for lei making. It takes hundreds tiny cylindrical flowers to make one cigar lei.

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Additional information

Weight0.71875 lbs
Dimensions19.0 × 4.0 × 2.0 in