Double Tuberose & Green Orchids-Rosebud Lei


Green orchids and varying rosebuds (pink, orange, red, yellow, or combination based on availability) accent this fragrant tuberose lei. The wonderful aroma of the tuberose flower is unforgettable.

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Shape: Round
Materials Used: Orchids, Rose, Tuberose
Hawaiian Name: ‘Okika, Loke, Kupaloke
Scientific Name: Dendrobium, Rosaceae, Polianthes
Dendrobium Orchids, Rose buds, and Tuberose flowers are strung kui poepoe, or in a circular pattern, to make this Double Tuberose with Green Orchid and Rose Lei.


Width: 2 inches in diameter.
Length: Hangs about 18 inches from neck when worn (40 inches long before being tied).


Durability: Extremely perishable.
Instructions: Mist lightly with water and refrigerate in sealed bag or container.


The tuberose is a night-blooming plant thought to be native to Mexico. It has been cultivated in Hawaii for many years now and has become a very popular lei making flower here. Its scent is described as a complex, exotic, sweet floral.

Dendrobium orchids have been among Hawaii’s most popular plants since they were introduced from the Philippines in 1896. They have since become the single most valuable commercial flower in Hawaii. Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands will notice orchids throughout their vacation – they may receive a fresh orchid lei upon arrival, or enjoy a tropical cocktail with a fresh orchid hanging on the lip of their glass.

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Additional information

Weight0.59375 lbs
Dimensions21.0 × 4.0 × 2.0 in
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