Father’s Day Special


Save more than 20% on this Hawaiian care package for Dad, and say “Hau’oli La Makuakane” (Happy Father’s Day) Hawaiian-style!  

He’ll feel like a king in this handsome fresh ti leaf lei, once reserved only for royalty, while he enjoys his mini mountains of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.  

Father’s Day is Sunday.  Remember, it’s never too early to order! You choose your delivery date on the calendar upon checkout.  We recommend choosing the Friday before Father’s Day as your delivery date.

Tī Leaf Lei Process: Ti leaves are frozen or baked to create pliability for our lei making process. This preparation darkens the color of the tī leaf a bit and also preserves the strength and integrity of the leaf, ensuring it will hold up beautifully when worn.


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Shape: Flat
Materials Used: Tī Leaf & Mauna Loa Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nut
Hawaiian Name: Kī
Scientific Name: Cordyline terminalis
This lei is mimicked after the beautiful Maile Lei which hangs as an open-ended lei. The Tī Leaf Lei itself is very durable and ends up making a magnificent Maile-Style Tī Leaf Lei.


Width: 2 inches in diameter.
Length: About 6 feet from end to end. Drapes past the waist when worn.


Durability: Very durable and long-lasting.
Instructions: Keep cool and dry.


The tī plant was brought to Hawaii prior to 1778 by the early Polynesians from Tangaroa, Tane, Tī, and Rongo. Hawaiian Kī was considered sacred to the Hawaiian god, Lono, and to the goddess of the hula, Laka. It symbolized high rank and divine power. The leaves were used by the kahuna priests in ancient rituals as protection from evil spirits.

In old Hawaii, Kī was extremely important for practical reasons as well. It was commonly used medicinally. The leaves were wrapped around warm stones to serve as hot packs for injuries. The leaves were also boiled to make a drink, which aided in nerve and muscle relaxation, and the steam from boiled young shoots and leaves was an excellent decongestant.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.97500 lbs
Dimensions 11.0 × 3.0 × 2.0 in

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