Hindu Wedding Garland


This open-ended flower garland may be worn as a lei or used as decoration for your Hindu wedding ceremony.  It is approximately 6 feet in length.  We will incorporate red carnations, roses, or another seasonal red flower as the accent color, and you may customize the color of the orchids by choosing white (shown), purple, pink, or green.  (NOTE: Color requests are based on availability and may be subject to change.)

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Shape: Round
Materials Used: Orchid & Rose
Hawaiian Name: ‘Okika & Loke
Scientific Name: Dendrobium & Rosaceae
Dendrobium flowers are strung kui poepoe, or in a circular pattern, with Rose Bud accents in this Double White Orchid & Rose Lei.


Width: 2 inches in diameter.
Length: Hangs about 80 inches from neck when worn.


Durability: **Extremely Perishable. Limited Shipping Locations.
Instructions: Mist lightly with water and refrigerate in sealed bag or container.


Dendrobium orchids have been among Hawaii’s most popular plants since they were introduced from the Philippines in 1896. They have since become the single most valuable commercial flower in Hawaii. Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands will notice orchids throughout their vacation – they may receive a fresh orchid lei upon arrival, or enjoy a tropical cocktail with a fresh orchid hanging on the lip of their glass.

Brought to Hawaii in the early 1800s, the rose has been an integral part of lei making in Hawaii ever since, used frequently as accents in both traditional haku leis as well as more contemporary orchid leis. The pink lokelani or cottage rose is the Island of Maui’s official flower – the only non-native plant to be recognized as the official flower of any of the Hawaiian Islands.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight1.80 lbs
Dimensions30 × 6 × 6 in

Green, Pink, Purple, White

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