Kukui Nut Bracelet – Blond


This beautiful, stretchy Kukui Nut Bracelet easily fits any wrist. Kukui nut jewlery is a striking display of traditional Hawaiian craft. Kukui nuts are painstakingly sanded and polished before they are strung into bracelets.

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Shape: Round
Materials Used: Kukui
Hawaiian Name: Kukui
Scientific Name: Aleurites moluccana
The Kukui nuts are polished and sanded before strung to create this Kukui Nut Lei.


Width: 1 inch in diameter.
Length: About 9 inches around.


Durability: Extremely durable and non-perishable.
Instructions: No special care needed – lasts forever.


The kukui, or candlenut tree, was probably introduced to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers, because it has always been an essential part of Hawaiian society. Oil extracted from the kernels was used for lamps. Dyes for tapa cloth were obtained from the roots and green seed covering. Polished kukui nuts were sewn into leis. Because the tree’s products played an important part in the daily lives of the Hawaiians, the kukui nut tree has been designated the State Tree of Hawaii and the lei made of its flowers and leaves represent the Island of Molokai.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.05000 lbs
Dimensions4.0 × 2.0 × 1.0 in