Tropical Bouquet – Large Anthurium


Send romantic tropical anthuriums to someone you love. Three freshly cut large anthuriums cradled by a Hawaiian palm, shipped fresh from Hawaii Island.

Each order contains 3 Large Anthuriums and 1 Palm.  Flowers are individually cradled in packing material, which serves to protect them during shipment.  Upon receiving and carefully unpacking, they may be placed in your own vase or container.

Advance notice required. Please order one week in advance. Please note that substitutions may apply! We cut the freshest flowers available at the time of shipment, so color and/or exact style may vary. 


Check your delivery date availability.


Additional Product Information


Shape: Natural
Materials Used: Plantae
Hawaiian Name: Hokuloa
Scientific Name: Anthurium
3 Large Anthurium, 1 Palm.

Each cut floral item necessary for this item will be shipped accordingly.  Assembling will be required.


Width: each flower is 5 inches in diameter.
Length: each bouquet is about 24 inches tall.


Durability: Very durable.
Instructions: Keep in a vase or floral pottery with water.  Cut the bottom stem about a half-inch.


Anthuriums were brought to Hawaii in the late 1800s and are now a fairly large cash crop primarily on Hawaii Island near the volcano.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 3 in