Loose Orchids – Purple


Loose orchids make a wonderful addition to any party, luau or wedding. Dress up your Mai Tai’s for a tropical effect, or float your loose orchids in water with candles for a little romance. There are countless creative uses for these gorgeous loose orchids. You can even make your own flower leis with our Lei Making Kit!

Each package contains 100 loose orchids. With proper care, the flowers will last up to 7-10 days.

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Additional Product Information

Shape: Round
Materials Used: Orchids
Hawaiian Name: ‘Okika
Scientific Name: Dendrobium


Width: 3 inches in diameter.


Durability: Very durable and long-lasting.
Instructions: Sprinkle with water, place in plastic bag and refrigerate. Ideal temperature 54°F (12°C).


Dendrobium orchids have been among Hawaii’s most popular plants since they were introduced from the Philippines in 1896. They have since become the single most valuable commercial flower in Hawaii. Visitors to the Hawaiian Islands will notice orchids throughout their vacation – they may receive a fresh orchid lei upon arrival, or enjoy a tropical cocktail with a fresh orchid hanging on the lip of their glass.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.83750 lbs
Dimensions8.0 × 7.0 × 4.0 in