Plumeria Lei


The incredibly single-strand fragrant pua melia or plumeria lei is an island favorite for sure! But please be warned that shipping this lei is at your own risk.  Plumeria is extremely sensitive to temperature variations and may not ship well.  The fragrance alone may be worth it to you, but please know that it may have blemishes upon arrival and/or will not last long once you receive it.

**Limited availability, substitution may be necessary.

**Extremely perishable. Available for delivery only to the West Coast and can only be delivered on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.  Please select “I Agree” to indicate your acceptance of this disclaimer. 


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Shape: Natural
Materials Used: Plumerieae alba blossoms
Hawaiian Name: Pua Melia
Scientific Name: Apocynaceae Frangipani
Fragrant plumeria blossoms are strung lengthwise to create this simple single strand lei.


Width: 3 inches in diameter.
Length: Hangs about 18 inches from neck when worn (40 inches long before being tied).


Durability: Extremely Perishable.
Instructions: Place in an air-filled bag, keep dry and cool. Should be handled as little as possible.


A native of the South Pacific, these frangipani blossoms grow on the small trees of the dogbane family native throughout the tropical regions. The branches are thick and saturated with milky sap that flourishes within the blossoms.  These five-petaled three-inch-wide white flowers with yellow centers bloom throughout Fall and are highly fragrant, best cultivated in rich medium-moisturized soil and a tolerance of light shade.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.20 lbs
Dimensions21.0 × 2.5 × 1.0 in
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